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Ahhhhh! Summer! There is nothing like having that one special beach towel in the summer to take to the pool or camp and know it is all yours. These not only have a name but have a really great applique that says something about your child's personality. My daughter wanted me to make a towel for a good pal for her birthday and she said "Can you make something kind of sassy for her because that's just how she is?". So, together, this is what we came up with is and my daughter thought it was perfect and her friend said it was her most favorite birthday gift! When my kids grab a beach towel, they always dig for one that is monogrammed and leave the ones I never got to! And, if you have an idea for an applique that is not here -- a shark or a lobster or a sand pail or a sand dollar, Scuba flippers, a microphone, a music note, etc., let me know. Chances are we can do it! And, it's also a sure fire way to never lose your towels! So, whether this is for your family or a gift, these 34 x65 plush towels are just fabulous!

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