Monogramming Services

Chic Boutique Creations also has monogramming and personalization services available for your own items. If our equipment is capable of handling the item you are looking to monogram, then we can do it! Charges will vary, but the charge for a simple 3 letter monogram up to 2.5 inches will start at a $7 minimum, with no set up charges, plus shipping the item back to you if you are not local to us. We can accommodate larger quantity jobs, as well, and a one-time “set-up” charge may apply, depending on the nature of the job and the quantity, plus shipping. Please contact us at and we can discuss your job!


We do not digitize designs ourselves, but have some digitizers that we work with to digitize company logos, etc. If not need this service in addition to monogramming, we can accommodate. The Digitizers set their own prices, which I will pass along, plus an extra $10 for my time to communicate with the Digitizer and test out the design to be sure it works well.

Please note: Chic Boutique will not be responsible for damaged items. We are experienced professionals, but the machines used for monogramming are complicated, computerized machines. And, like any computer, they get wacky on occasion. Most problems can be fixed, but sometimes items get eaten and are beyond repair and we cannot take responsibility for items supplied by a customer (sometimes these things happen on our own items and we simply throw it away and start fresh with a new item, but obviously we can’t do that with YOUR item). It is rare, but it happens. So, by agreeing to our services, you also agree to hold us harmless for any damage that may occur.

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